Interventions Throughout The Stages Of Labor

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Running head: Interventions throughout the stages of labor Interventions throughout the Stages of Labor Jackie Flooks Nursing 264 August 2, 2015 Introduction Providing Comfort Measures “A scientific definition of pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage” (Lowe, 2002). Labor pain, has many different variables, physical as well as its interaction with culture and emotions, making labor pain exclusive to each individual. During the first stage of labor there is mostly visceral pain due to the dilation of the cervix. Uterine contractions may be felt as back pain because the lower back has nerves that connect to the uterus as well as the skin of the lower back.…show more content…
These nonpharmacologic comfort measures work by providing distraction during uterine contraction. “According to the gate control theory of pain, only a limited number of sensations can travel along neural pathways at any one time, so when activities fill the pathway, pain is being inhibited”. (Leifer, 2012) Pharmacological comfort measures can provide partial or complete pain relief. The epidural is the most efficient way of reducing labor pain. Opioids can be given continuously or in intermittent doses at the patient 's request or through the patient controlled pump. There is the potential for these drugs to have some effect on the fetus, such as breathing difficulties that may require assistance through the use of Narcan. Providing pain relief during the labor process is solely the patient’s choice, and as the nurse only support and encouragement should be given for however she chooses to handle the pain. (Jansen, Gibson, Bowles, & Leach, 2013) The nurse must be mindful of each intervention initiated and the possible benefits of the intervention against its potential harmful effects for both mother and fetus. Not providing basic comfort measures for the mother can cause serious physical and emotional problems and could lead to possible fatigue and feelings of failure from the mother. The priority of this nursing intervention is to provide the mother and fetus with the least discomfort as possible and
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