How to Help a Student with a Learning Disability

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What are the psychological characteristics of this imaginary child with suspected learning disabilities? Some psychological characteristic of suspected learning disabilities may include:
• Needs constant step-by-step guidance tasks.
• Unable to comprehend tasks or logic behind problem solving steps.
• Has poor memory of spoken or written materials.
• Have difficulty mastering tasks or transferring academic skills to other tasks.
• Have a strong general knowledge but cannot read, write, or do math at that level.
• May have difficulty with communication and language processing, expressive, and receptive language.
• May be very frustrated with school and homework. Ann Logsdon Recognizing Learning Disability Symptoms,
Analyze the educational needs of this student.
As a teacher, keeping good assessment records is one key way to analyze the educational needs of the student. Keeping good records acquire an accurate picture of the strengths and weakness of the student’s academic needs as well as for improving achievements and meeting academic challenges. Assessment may include: progress monitoring, dynamic assessment, portfolio assessment, observational and anecdotal records and standardized tests.
Deborah Deutsch Smith and Naomi Chowdhuri Tyler, 2010, 7th Edition, “Introduction to Special Education,” Pearson Inc. and Merrill Inc.
How do special education students benefit from being integrated in the classroom with general education student?

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