Essay about How to Manage Your Body to Improve Your Mind

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How to Manage Your Body to Improve Your Mind
All throughout academia and higher education in general, advice can be found on how to learn or how to more effectively absorb the knowledge that is being presented. While there is plenty of information to be found on how to take notes or how to review for a test. There is the equally important but much less talked about impact of the body and mind connection. The impact of having a body that is malnourished or sleep deprived can greatly affect the minds ability to pay attention to, or recall what has been learned.
While there have been numerous studies involving alcohol or drugs and the effects it can have on the body and mind, the intent of this paper will be to focus on a healthy …show more content…

The results of their survey showed that long-sleepers (more than 9 hours per night) had a significantly higher GPA compared to short sleepers (less than 7 hours per night)” (Paul, M. Panton, C. & Marzigliano. N. 2008) Also neuroimaging studies have shown that regions of the brain involved in the implementation of a serial reaction time task are reactivated during REM sleep. (Parmeggiani, P.L. Velluti, Ricardo A 2005) Sleeping right after a task was taught meant that the subjects had a higher performance level on that task.
These studies show that the amount of sleep per day is important as well as what kind of effects sleep can have on memory. They do not take into account however the effects of interrupted sleep. Soldiers in a combat zone often have to spend weeks or months with several people in the group needing to be awake at all times. The troops will take turns sleeping, often doing 1 hour up and 1 hour down for most of the night. Although the troops are still getting 6-7 hours of down time it is never all at once. Only a few weeks of this operational tempo could lead to hallucinations or extreme disorientation. This constant fighting and lack of uninterrupted sleep led to a huge rise in psychological casualties during World War Two.
It is important to note that while the body can have a

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