How to Prevent Suicide

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Waking up in the middle of the night to a your phone ringing. Someone is calling you to tell you something tragic, your best friend has killed them self. A million thoughts go racing through your mind. How could they have done this? Why would they just leave you behind like this? Didn’t they see that there were so many other ways to solve their problems? You thought they had a great life and had lots to look forward to. Well that’s not how a suicidal person see’s their problems. For some people their problems just seem to keep building up until they don’t see any other way out but death. Even if their problems may seem small to you, the small things add up. There are other ways out of this deadly
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If you think one of your friends is depressed, you should talk to them about it and try and get them some help because depression can turn into suicide.
Some people view suicide as the only solution to their problems. This needs to be changed, people should not have to feel like this is the only solution to their problems, because there are many other options. There are many ways to prevent suicide and we as a society need to help suicidal people get help from professionals. “The number and strength of the many individuals and organizations working to promote awareness about suicide continue to grow.
Suicide is now considered a public health problem, not just an individual problem” (Meyers and
Fine 261). This is good news but we need to grow as a nation to prevent suicide, it can’t be just individuals trying to help a whole nation. We as a nation should join together and help the people in our nation that are in need. Meyers and Fine also go on to explain a surgeon general’s call to prevent suicide. The report these doctors sent out included his ways to prevent suicide were awareness, intervention, and methodology. Awareness, meaning that the public needed to learn

more about suicide and its risk factors. By intervention they mean that the public needs to be educated on how to prevent suicide and there needs to be a national strategy for suicide prevention. They also says that there shouldn’t be any barriers in things like insurance for
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