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Training and Developing Employees Multiple Choice 1. _____ provides new employees with the basic background information required to perform their jobs satisfactorily. a. Employee recruitment b. Employee selection c. Employee orientation d. Employee development e. Training (c; easy; p. 268) 2. Orientation typically includes information on _____. a. employee benefits b. personnel policies c. daily routine d. safety measures e. all of the above (e; easy; p. 268) 3. The methods used to give new or present employees the skills they need to perform their jobs are called _____. a. orientation b.…show more content…
If an employer fails to train an employee adequately and an employee subsequently does harm to a third party, the court could find the employer liable for ____. a. negligent hiring b. discrimination c. negligent training d. occupational fraud e. adverse action (c; moderate; p. 272) 15. Which of the following steps will not help employers protect themselves against charges of negligent training? a. confirm employee claims of skill and experience b. provide extensive training c. evaluate the degree to which training lowers risks associated with job d. pay employees for time spent in training e. all of the above will help employers protect themselves (d; difficult; p. 272) 16. Under which situation below, should an employer pay an employee for time spent in training? a. the training program is voluntary b. the training program is directly related to the trainee’s job c. the trainee does not perform any productive work during the program d. the training program is conducted outside working hours e. the training provides no immediate benefit to the employer (b; difficult; p. 273) 17. _____ is a detailed study of the job to determine what specific skills the job requires. a. Needs analysis b. Task analysis c. Performance analysis d. Training strategy e.

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