Hrm 531 Week 5 Learning Journal

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In this course, we learned about the importance of communication what the process is involved to effectively get your point across whether it be to co-worker or on general. Add this to a business setting poor communication can cause the company to lose money, and waste of time from their employees add poor listening skill you have a disaster in the making. After taking the self-assessment test on communication scored 50, which translate of to me capable communicator, but sometimes experience communication problems. The test says I should take the time to think about my approach to communication, along with focusing on receiving messages effectively, as much as sending them. I could not agree more, always had issues commutations my thoughts properly. However, this is more seen in writing skills then speaking or conversation. Thought the score would have been lower but 50 is more on the higher scale, ever taking the test another day scored about the same. This is going …show more content…

Which translate into when it comes to problem solving it’s a hit-and-miss with me. Sometimes my solutions work and others times they don’t. reviewing the score, I can see what they are saying and thinking I agree with the score follow the proper process can results in better problem on my part and how you handle the situation. But having a good balance and understanding of your locus of control helps. My score 24 internal locus of control (strong), which I think fit me in my lifestyle. Having a strong locus of control allows me to control the outcome with hard work, attributes or decisions. Also, explains I am inquisitive, and try to figure out why things turn out the way they did. However, having a strong locus control some people want to control everything. This can lead to difficulties in taking direction furthermore, people may not want to work with this type of

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