Hudson Plane Crash

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Have you ever heard about, saw right before you, or saw on the news a plane crash? Have you heard how deadly a plane crashing in water is? Also have you heard what was going on while a plane was about to crash? Well you will hear about a crash you might not forget.Here is what happened to the engines, what damage was done to the plane, and specific things that were going on in the cockpit during the miracle on the hudson plane crash. Time for what happened to the engines. The engines were pretty badly damaged. The plane was hit by about 17 geese. The plane's engines could take a hit of 4 pounds of bird in each engine, but each engine took in about 5.1 pounds of bird. And the birds hit the core of the engines so the engines produced no thrust. So the thrust on both engines rolled back to zero. Which means the plane was a glider then because the thrust from the engines make a plane fly. The engines were so badly damaged that the engines sounded like shoes in a drier because of all the damaged parts and parts of bird in both engines bouncing…show more content…
In the back of the plane there was a hole from the crash so the plane started to sink. “The reason for the breach is that the pilots did not press the ditch button which seals the plane up so no water can get in but the pilots had to do so much they forgot to press it.” National Transportation Safety Board investigation. The whole plane was in great shape considering it had a forced water landing. “Three years before a plane got hijacked and it crashed in the indian ocean near a beach. When the plane hit the water, it cartwheeled and ripped apart with 175 on board only 25 survived.” When the plane was retrieved the engine that was supposedly working was destroyed. “...eight outlet guide vanes were missing. ”National Transportation Safety Board investigation. So that was the damage done to the plane. Now time to hear the specific things that were going on in the
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