Human Behavior And The Functions Of Humans

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Today, we use psychology to study human behavior and the functions of humans. We incorporate science to help us test possible theories and proceed with experiments that could help bring answers to society. The biggest thing with Science is that theories and hypotheses must be falsifiable and replicable. Science must have terms that can be universally used and understood by everyone. Descartes, James, Freud and Skinner all had trouble grasping that idea. Flanagan goes into detail about these famous old-time philosophers that all had different opinions on the mind-body problem and self-knowledge, and all used different methodologies to help justify their theories.
One of the earliest theorists, Rene Descartes, believed that there could be a science of Psychology. While studying automata in the French Royal Gardens, he came up with the idea of the reflex arc to try to explain human behavior, but later found out that human behavior is far more complex that this method actually allowed. Descartes believed in self-knowledge as well, which means understanding what you are feeling, you are your own mind-reader. It was thought by Rene that the mind and body were completely separated and materialism was false, this was referred to as the mind-stuff theory, the mind was immaterial, while the body was all material. Humans minds are infinite and free, there are no distinct parts like our materialistic bodies have. Although, many have doubted this concept of separation, Descartes was…
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