Human Development Vs Nature Vs Nurture

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Human development has been regarded as one of the most highly controversial topics in the world of psychology. This debate is labeled nature vs. nurture. The controversy centers on the premise that our personality, behavior, intelligence, and feelings are either genetically inherited, or environmentally earned; that we are innate creatures born with our personalities, or that they are learned by experience and time. We are born with our personalities, but our behaviors are learned through experience and shaped thru time. The study of human thought has been around for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, China, India, and Egypt they had a more scientific way of approaching psychology. They were among the first to have psychiatric hospitals. However, the origin and the beginning of a more advanced and well-rounded approach came from Wilhelm Wundt, the “father of psychology”. He set up the first laboratory at Leipzig University in 1879. The studies he conducted were centered on both the behavioral and genetic aspect of individuals. The entire study of psychology is based off of nature vs. nurture. Which debates that human experience can be defined as genetic inheritance and environmental upbringing.
Psychology has five distinct branches that are based off of nature vs. nurture. The biological approach focuses on genetic inheritance for the explanation of behavior. Psychoanalysis is “innate drives of sex and aggression (nature), and social upbringing during

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