Human Diversity And Its Effects On The World

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Our species changes the world every day. We are Homo sapiens. In our past we have forced species into extinction through hunting. We knowingly and unknowingly transport non-native organisms around the world. Some of those non-native organisms we introduce become invasive and create a hazard to a regions native species. As humans we have managed to change the climate of the entire planet and even though the climate change has been slight, we have come to learn that an increase of a few degrees can have tremendous impacts on many species both land and sea. We also know that this change presents itself at different levels of severity for each species and location. Armed with the knowledge that we are diminishing Earths biodiversity I believe our species has a responsibility to protect, or at the minimum, monitor species throughout the world to aid them in survival. The first step toward fulfilling our responsibilities would be to stop the exploitation of flora and fauna. To clarify my definition of exploitation in this matter; Fur, game meat, or raw materials from nature or wildlife used to satisfy a non-essential need in a persons’ life. For example, hunting a herd of animals near winter time to procure fur and meat, enough so that your community can survive the winter is reasonable. This example is a far cry from the events that took place at Funk Island in which a population of great auks that was so numerous it could not be counted was swept away by the
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