Human Effects and Involvement on Endangered and Extinct Species

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Human effects and involvement on endangered and extinct species
Tiffany Tierson
This paper was constructed to give an overview of the vast majority of species that are disappearing and have disappeared from the earth. With informative knowledge and accurate numbers the reader was introduced to the different ways that animals are becoming extinct, deforestation, overpopulation, economic prosperity, population growth, urban environment, global perspective and science and ethics. Each of these is affecting different species at different rates, but what was concluded by comparing numbers is that humans are truly responsible for their actions and the actions of causing the exaction and endangerment of animals. Humans are the …show more content…

When the trees are cut down the frogs are unable to reproduce (
The Asian Elephant and overpopulation Asian elephant’s population once expanded from West Asia along the Iranian coast into the Indian subcontinent, eastwards into South-east Asia including Sumatra, Java, and Borneo, and into China at least as far as the Yangtze-Kiang. Crude estimates must be made about the remaining population size because it has become hard to count the number of animals left in the thick vegetation where they have been forced to reside from people invading their areas. Asian elephants can be found in grassland, tropical evergreen forest, semi-evergreen forest, moist deciduous forest, dry deciduous forested and dry thorn forest, in addition to cultivated and secondary forests and scrublands. These are areas, especially the forests where the growing population of Asia and India have now become human homes and territory, forcing the animals to reside on smaller locations of land with fewer resources for them, and more for humans. (
The Siberian (Amur) Tiger and science and ethics The Siberian tiger resides mostly in Russia along the Amur River. The tiger used to range all over east Russia and west Russia, but now is in this small area where it is protected. There are no longer tigers in West Russia they have become

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