Human Impact On The Ecosystem

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Human Impact on The Ecosystem

The Ecosystem plays a huge role in animal, humans, and the environments life. An ecosystem includes living things such as plants, animals, and organisms in an area, interacting with each other and their non-living environments such as the weather, sun, soil, and climate. Ecosystems are the foundation of the Biosphere and it determines the health of the entire earth system. Since the Ecosystem plays such a big role on the Earth humans have found a way to help the ecosystem. Humans have also found ways to make the ecosystem worse. Things that people believe are minute are actually huge factors that either contribute to making the human impact on the ecosystem positive or negative. Little things like driving a car to work can weaken the ecosystem by the gas they are burning to fuel that vehicle is going into the air and causing pollution. Even big things like disposing of trash properly can really make a difference in the world. People fail to realize that everything they do finds a way to effect the people around them. Ultimately, humans really do play a big impact on the ecosystem both positively and negatively.

Humans play a huge role on impacting the ecosystem, they are impacting the ecosystem by contributing to pollution, global warming, and deforestation. Pollution has been an issue in the ecosystem for a long time. The United States alone produces more than 147 metric tons of air pollution. In some places the smog caused by air

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