Human Nature And The Mind

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Human Nature and The Mind Human nature and the mind have been studied for ages. As humans, we tend to think, feel, and act in certain ways that are often elucidated by nature and evolution. In fields such as Psychology, Philosophy, and Science, human nature and the mind have been extensively studied to develop theories about why humans act, think, and feel that way that we do. It is believed by some that humans are born a certain way by nature. There are three ways that people tend to believe humans are born: naturally good, naturally evil, or neutral. A Chinese philosopher named Mencius is an example of someone who believed that humans are born naturally good. Mencius is believed to be the most important figure in the development of Confucianism, right after Confucius himself. Mencius wrote Man’s Nature Is Good in the year Circa 300 BCE. This rhetorical piece argues Mencius’s views on the nature of man. Mencius not only believed that humans were born naturally good, but also that they, “…with proper training, could become perfect” (Austin 78). A Chinese scholar named Hsun Tzu believed almost the exact opposite of Mencius. Although Hsun Tzu was a Confucian similarly to Mencius, he did not share the belief that humans are born naturally good. Tzu actually wrote a piece titled Man’s Nature Is Evil in which he explains his argument. Tzu believed that humans need structure, and that “…strict discipline could make human beings good despite their natural inclinations”
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