Human Nature, Law, And Justice In Utopia By Sir Thomas More

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Human nature, Law, and Justice in “Utopia”
“Utopia, Book I” by Sir Thomas More begins with the narrator, More, that is traveling around Northern Europe as an ambassador for England and ends up in Antwerp. While he was in Antwerp, he met up with a good friend of his Peter Giles. One day he finds Giles conversing with a bearded man. Soon Giles introduces him to this man, Raphael Hythloday. Hythloday is a philosopher and travels to different places around the world. After More and Hythloday meet, More is intrigued by the stories Hythloday has to say. The three of them all go to Giles’ house for supper and a long chat. Hythloday then describes about the many voyages he has been on along with Amerigo Vespucci, a famous Italian explorer. They have traveled to the New World, South of the Equator, through Asia and then mentions how he ended up in an island called Utopia. He then describes the different societies in the variety of countries he has gone to. Giles and More come to the conclusion that Hythloday will be a great counselor to a king. Hythloday rejects their idea and begins telling the story of when he once had a dinner with Cardinal Morton and others. Throughout this dinner he proposed a variety of ways for punishing people who break the laws. They refuse his proposals. He uses this story by showing More and Giles how useless it is to counsel a king or prince when his other counsels agree with the king 's beliefs and policies. He tells other different stories to prove his

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