Human Services And The Legal Justice System Essay

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At the beginning of the year looking for classes to take Human Services stood out to me. Although not really knowing the meaning of human services, I believed it was about helping people and that’s something I have always been very passionate about. I am always the friend who is giving advice and hearing out my friends’ dilemmas and situations. The definition of Human services in our book is: a phrase that is often used to group activities that focus on helping people live better lives. In a vague way, the human services include formal systems such as government welfare programs, education, mental retardation services, mental health organizations, child care programs, physical health care establishments, and the correctional services of the legal justice system. The definition of a human service worker is: Anyone who is trained or educated in helping activities. A person who does not have traditional professional academic credentials but who, through experience, training, or education, provides helping services. When this project of interviewing a human service worker and learning in depth how they do their job, and how they help others it was something that I was pretty excited about. The process on how I found the human service corporation I would interview was pretty difficult since all of the ones I was interested at first were taken. Going through the process to schedule my first interview was not as hard as I sought it to be. For my first interview I contacted

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