Human Nature Of Curiosity

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Curiosity within
Curiosity is human nature that people are born with. From the moment someone is born they becomes curious of all their surroundings and what they can do. Curiosity also leads to instability because every one becomes curious sooner, and or later someone will break the rules or do something they aren’t supposed to. Also, if one realizes they aren’t really happy then they will become curious and try to find something that will make them happy. This will lead to instability in society where a small amount of people like a certain thing and others don’t. It will all lead to people arguing and destroying the so called “perfection” that they have reached. Therefore, stability will never be reached because of people’s curiosity, and because of society’s will of trying to be perfect which makes it imperfect.
In the World State everyone has a certain job to do and the people are separated according to their caste system, there are Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. They are ordered from higher class to lower class but this doesn’t stop curiosity between all of them. There are some people in the World State that experience curiosity. Bernard Marx is one of the few that are really experiencing curiosity and want something different. A great example is when he begins to feel something for Lenina and when they are on a date he asks “Don’t you wish you were free Lenina” (91). He is not the only one though Lenina is also experiencing different emotions and she is

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