Human Nature Summary

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An author, introduced as a phycologist has revealed that human nature is unique and are easily influenced by each other which help them to shape and built social practices, to create different ambience to follow belief as well as to have suggestibility which can induce a normal person. Human beings are not only effected by other’s behaviour but also by all those social sciences which have been observed and been practised. As a citizen, an individual should focus on their study to show themselves as the best human being from their role on the society and their contribution for the place where they live in. In this story, an author has also explained about his observation done between college students. The college students were asked to give their opinions on various matter like choices which, resulted with argumentative situation opposing to their own opinions, many subjects apparently shifted their judgments in the direction of the views of majority or experts. The sheer weight of number or authority sufficed to change opinion, even when no arguments for the opinions themselves were provided. There is some reason to wonder whether it was not the investigation who, in their enthusiasm for a theory, were suggestible and whether the seemingly gullible subjects were not providing answers which they thought were good subjects to discuss. The author describes a series of experiment which have not only confirmed the finding that group pressure can shape opinion, but also raised

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