Human Resource Management : A Positive Impact On The Success Of An Organization

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Human Resource Management Final Project
Human Resource Management function is to provide a positive impact on the success of an organization strategic business plan. Human Resource Management plays an essential role in an organization’s human asset known as its workforce. Though effective analysis and review this management system ensures the workforce implements the organization 's vision, mission and goals. The Human Resource Management supplies support for all functional areas accounting and finance, production, inventory, sales, and marketing to assure objectives are met. Input from each area manager and key personnel will help the Human Resource personnel determine a needs analysis and job description so not to overlap when setting up …show more content…

Analyzing information for both the current and future workforce requires the ability to maintain and secure employee data. Prior to complying potential employee bank a need list and analysis of the job description and position that need to be filled is required.

Training and Development Program
When developing and maintaining an effective workforce the Human Resource department 's role is to evaluate and implement employee training programs for current and advancing positions. Key executive need to be trained in the area that they know about the jobs they are supervising. E-learning programs as well as on hand and shadow training will be the most effective. Evaluating and analyzing results from the training programs will help keep information updated and current. Training Human Resource managers need to be trained in the laws regarding background checks, interview question and application and ID verification will need to be reviewed and acknowledged training prior to selection of employees.
Human Resource Information System and software training is needed to track and help this department maintain and secure information training. When developing training the Human Resource department needs to consider job description, safety issues, and policies that include Federal and State Laws, and International Laws if applicable.
Once the

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