Human Resource Management Essay

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Data analysis and presentation: Primary data: I asked all 60 people on whom I did my survey that did they complete any Human resource management course. On those 41% people said they already did 1 course. 24.6% BBA students said that they did two courses. 11.5% people on them said that, they had completed more than 2 courses that mean they are doing major on HRM. Rest 23% people are saying that they did not do any HR course yet. When I asked those sixty BBA students about necessity of studying HRM in BBA, they gave a Discrimination Answer. 82% people are saying that HRM should be mandatory course for BBA. Rest only 18% people are saying that studying BBA should not be mandatory in BBA. In this question I asked them is …show more content…

Majority 43.3% people said they belief HRM should be learnt for knowing proper stuffing as an employee. 25% students’ belief that HRM should learnt to know stuffing policy as an employer to work in HR department. 21.7% students agree that HRM should be learnt as an owner/third party. Only 10% of those 60 students, belief that learning HRM is not mandatory. This Question was asked to know HRM should used in which type of organization. In hear majority 43.3% students think HR department is needed in all types of organization in Bangladesh. 28.3% people agreed HR department should be needed in all commercial organizations only. 13.3% students said HR department should need in all government’s office and in all non government organization of Bangladesh. By this question I tried to find topics that are taught in HR courses (Job analysis, recruitment, training, benefit plan for employee, appraisal etc) are they enough for job sector or not. 51.7% student belief that those criteria should be upgraded by need and time. 28.3% BBA student belief that those topics are not enough for a course. 16.7% student said they belief that those criteria are enough and rest of 3% student don’t have any idea about it or maybe they don’t want to give its answer. I also asked them about necessity of studying HRM in MBA. I gave them 4 logical options. 50.8 % of them answer that they belief yes, HRM course should be mandatory in MBA.

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