The Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Position Specific Education

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Education and Requirements In order to take on a human resource management (HRM) position specific education and requirements need to be meet. A bachelor’s degree is the education needed to obtain a job for this occupation. Most bachelor programs for human resource management take four years to complete (Human Resources Management Degree, 2003). With a bachelor’s degree it will give the tools that are expected to enter a variety of business settings (7 Essential Questions, 2015). A bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science in human resource management will be obtained with bachelor’s degree (Human Resources Management Degree, 2003; 7 Essential Questions, 2015). A majority of the curriculum for this degree will include fieldwork and traditional classroom training (7 Essential Questions, 2015). In response to employers’ calls for more relevance education, many universities help students with internships which give experience that employers want to see (Elkins, 2002). Although a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for most positions some jobs require a master’s degree (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2016). A master’s degree makes an employee stand out and shows that they have had a little more preparation. Fields such as human resources specialist, labor relations specialist, training and development manager, and purchasing managers are related fields that are usually sought out (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2016; Human Resource Manager, 2015). Similar occupations consist
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