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Effective Performance Appraisals Latoya Cannon BUS303: Human Resource management Instructor: Gwnedolyn McCants-Allen April 24, 2013 A performance appraisal helps with developing information on an employee, which will help determine if the objectives that were set forth have been met, and what needs to be improved to help with the success of the company. This evaluation happens once a year to help the employer determine whether or not an employee is a great asset for the company. Performance appraisal is very important for staff motivation, communicating, and an individual’s contribution towards the company success. Each performance appraisal must be accurate, and thought through to ensure that appraisals is effective, and to help …show more content…

“Effective appraisal systems link performance ratings to organizational rewards. Research consistently indicates that, to maximize the effectiveness of a pay-for-performance program, organizational rewards must link greater rewards to superior job performance. When employees feel that their rated performance is accurate and reflects the full range of their contributions to the organization, their motivation to perform increases. On the other hand, when employees feel that performance ratings are inaccurate or a function of politics, they tend to perform only to minimum standards, be absent more often, engage in theft, or quit. (Longenecker & Fink, 1999, P.1) If a performance appraisal is bias, it can effect an employee’s working relationship. If a performance appraisal is bias, it could be misleading to the employee; this can hinder the employee’s growth within the company. This can effective the employee ability to meet objectives that was set. “It is also important that the appraisal system be designed expressly to measure and assess performance, rather than for other unrelated or indirectly related goals. Otherwise, performance evaluations will be biased and their outcomes will be misleading for both the employees and the organization. For example, performance appraisals can be used solely to determine annual raises or bonuses instead of as a way to provide employees with feedback about their performance and help them improve. In these cases, managers tend to

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