Human Resources Management: The Functions Of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management:
Human resource Management is the organizational function that address the problems related to people such as training, communication ,adminisitration, organization development, compensation, hiring,employee ,motivation and performance management. A central feature underlying the concept Human Resource Management as illustrated by Gilley (2002) comprises of practices like recruitment, selection ,appraisal, formal human resource policies and comprehensive human resource philosophies . Armstrong (2006) defined Human Resource Management as, the main aim of human resource management is to make sure that the success can be achieved by the organization through people .HR strategies entail policies and programs …show more content…

Acquaah (2004) highlights that organizational effectiveness and performance is enhanced when the human resource management practices successfully recruit and retain employees with knowledge ,skills and abilities which are consistent with the organizational mission and objectives.
The responsibilities of Human resource management can be subdivided into three areas individual , organizational and career. Individual management have to help the employees, identifying the strengths and weaknesses, doing correction of their flaws and contribute their best to the enterprise. Organizational development focuses on making such friutful systems that increases human and other resources in making the business strategies the larger ones. Finally there are some responsibilities of managing career development and their most important task is to match the workers with the most suitable jobs and careers inside the organization. Schular (1990), Werther and Davis , (1996); Moyeen and Huq (2001) have demonstrated that the most important resource in an organization is human Resource and it’s becoming extremely influential for the success of an organization . In HR department, for all the administrative activities and policies of the organization HR director is responsible. Absar and Mahmood , (2011) postulated that an organization can attain any goal if it is filled with dedicated, proficient, dexterous and …show more content…

Blasi et al, 2009:4). Human resource is a very essential component for an organization in terms of everything but good human resource management practices play a significant role in employee holding and their productivity (Peer-olaf Siebers,et al-2008).Impact of HRMpractices on Firm productivity is useful.Human Resourse departments in all typesof organizations takes different steps to improveproductivity by motivating the employees aswell as by providing them with lastest means to perform their jobs in an efficient manner. Toimprove the productivity of the organization different practices that HR Departments applyincluding making a list of company’s short term and long term goals and objectives andassessing employees previous performances to measure whether they are meetingindustry set goals or need some improvements. Cutcher – gershenfeld (1991) found thatFirms would have lower costs, less scraps, an increased productivity if they create goodrelationships among employees, emphasizing cooperations and settlements of disputes amongthem as compared to those firms that still adopt old labour relation practices. Training is one ofthe high powered way to increase any individuals productivity as

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