The Concept Of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management (HRM) is a relatively new approach to managing people in any organization. It is concerned with the people dimension in management of an organization since people are considered the key resource in this approach. An organization is a body of people, their development of skills, their motivation for higher levels of attainment, their levels of commitment are all relevant activities.
Scott, Clothier and Spriegel (2002) have defined Human Resource Management as that branch of management that is responsible of operations which are mainly concerned with the relationship of management to employees and employees and to employees with development of the individual and the group. People are responsive, they think, feel and act moreover cannot be operated like machines. They therefore need a tactful handling by personnel management. …show more content…

If an organization can trust, and depend on the strengths of their personnel and capitalize on their commitment, dedication and talents, then that is what HRM is involved in business Leon C. (1977)
The principal in an organization is the human resource or ‘people at work’. According to Leon C. Megginson from the national point of view, Human Resource is the aptitude obtained in a population, creative abilities, talents, skills and knowledge. Human Resource has a major importance in the success of the organization because most of the challenges in organizations are human based rather than economical or technical. No organization can be effective if its main focus does not recognize that it is principally

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