Human Resources Week One Quiz

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1. Human resource Management includes the following activities except for production forecasts

2. Technological, deregulation, globalization trends are in turn producing changes in the nature of jobs and work.

3. The specific HR courses of action the company plans to achieve its goals/objectives if referred to as an human resource strategy

4. In the interview method of job analysis, the following questions are often asked of employees except what are your career goals?

5. According to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), job descriptions should indentify the following needed to perform the job’s essential functions except: independent communication

6. Contingent staffing is an increasing trend in today’s business
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Job evaluation is a technique used to determine relative worth of each job

19. The family and medical Leave Act requires the employer to pay an employee when he or she is out of work because of illness

20. The arrangement where groups of health care providers contract with employers, insurance companies, or third-party payers to provide medical care services at a reduced fee is a
Preferred provider organization (PPO)

21. Wages must compare favorably with rates in other organizations, a concept which is known as external equity

22. The following are fringe benefits provided to employee at their employers discretion except workers compensation

23. Performance appraisal is defined as evaluating an employee’s performance relative to performance standards.

24. The simplest and most popular technique for apprising employees is the graphic rating scale

25. The following are reason for failure of a performance appraisal except clarifying standards against which the employee will be appraised

26. The agency created by the Wagner Act to investigate unfair labor practice charges and to provide secret ballot elections to determine if a firms employees want a union is
National Labor Relations Board

27. The following are deemed unfair labor practices by the Wagner Act except investigation of references and other information for hiring

28. If an employer chooses

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