Why The Human Resource Function Should Be Aligned With An Organization 's Strategic Plan

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Explain why the human resource function should be aligned with an organization’s strategic plan (use ideas from the Module One discussion on this topic). Human Resource (HR) strategic plan’s outline short term goals that have been aligned with their organization’s strategic plans. With the HR’s goals being aligned it also helps the representative know how much man power is needed from the budgeting process done through HR. The HR function of an organization is responsible for ensuring top talent is recruited and retained, which means ensuring success of an organization’s strategic plan. 2. Explain how current global conditions in Maersk’s industry impact human resource management practices within this organization (use ideas from the Module One discussion on this topic). The Moller-Maersk Group quickly grew into a global conglomerate, this made them need to reassess their present human capital. Maersk, being a large oil and energy company had to face changing times which impacted the HR practices within them. In 2008, they faced a decline in oil, which meant HR had to focus their attention on new markets and maintain mature markets at the same time. They did this through their hiring practices, which impacted the company negatively and had to be reassessed. Maersk had to reestablish their HR to be one of a global nature, which meant they had to learn which potential employees to recruit and what skill set was necessary to first start with the company. By quickly
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