Human Service Career Research Paper

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The career in which I am pursuing is Human Service Bachelor Degree, the reason why I am pursuing this career is because of the passion I have for helping people reach their full potential when crossing my path. There was many people who help me along the way throughout my entire life, so I feel it only right to give back. Now before I started attending Saint Leo University my career major switch twice .I was thinking about a career in the hospital such as the HealthCare Management then I went on thinking I don’t just want a degree where I am stuck in one career field. I will like a degree where I can move around throughout my community. According to the national human the social and economic characteristic human service is a professionally …show more content…

Adrian Allen, an Early Childhood Education Student stated that salaries may be a big issue as males are generally socialized to believe they should “provide for and support a family” as “breadwinners” and when looking at careers an ECE sometimes is looking at $12.00 an hour whereas working at an entry level factory job, you could be looking at least $16.00 an hour entry level with no education or previous training required.” This statement leads to discussions regarding how a focus on the fulfillment of a career in Human Services, and the difference you can make in this kind of career should be promoted when recruiting males into the field. It was also discussed how stereotypes of Human Services being “women’s work” may prevent males from feeling comfortable in pursuing a career in this field. Also sadly the stereotype of males who work with children must be “perverted” as a “normal” male would not choose a career working with and teaching children. This statement brought about lots of conversation regarding the safety for employees against false accusations. It is a sad fact that males DO bear the brunt of most false accusations and much exciting discussion occurred regarding how we can begin to develop policies and procedures that protect all employees (male and female!) from false accusations and how we can create a culture of support, education and knowledge within our Centre’s for

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