Human Trafficking : Examining The Why Of Modern Day Slavery

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Human Trafficking: Examining the Why of Modern-Day Slavery
The paper focuses on human trafficking which can be considered as modern day slavery. The paper will mainly focus on human trafficking in the United States and globe wise as well as its effects and how this can be prevented. Actual statistics from credible sources and government sources will be used and cited where necessary. The paper will also try which school of thought for crime can best used to describe human trafficking. The paper will focus on the forms of human trafficking and how they are carried out.
Based on the historical past of the United States, many would believe that slavery is in fact a thing of the past and out of sight, out mind; …show more content…

Human trafficking entails the trade of human beings with an aim to exploit them for sexual slavery, forced labor as well as commercial sex services. In some worst case scenario human trafficking results in the death of the victims who at times undergo extraction of tissues and organs. In short human trafficking can be described as a modern day slavery. Human trafficking can be carried out within the confine of a country or state and can as well be carried out trans-nationally. Human trafficking is best described as the illegal trade of people without necessitating actual movement of people from one place to another. Thus trafficking can be distinguished from smuggling by the fact that smuggling involves travel while trafficking persons are held against their consent and will and forced to work or offer services to the trafficker or other people. Consequently smuggling is a crime against the state while human trafficking is classified as a crime against humanity.
According to Californian Legislature they define human trafficking as “all acts involved in the recruitment, abduction, transport, harboring, transfer, sale or receipt of person, within or across national or across international borders, through force, coercion, fraud or deception, to place persons in situations of slavery or slavery like conditions, forced labor or services, such as forced

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