Human Trafficking Is The Illegal Movement Of People

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According to, the proper definition on human trafficking is the illegal movement of people, typically for the purpose of forced labor or commercial sex exploitation. It is considered a crime throughout the United States and there are laws to protect these victims to persecute the traffickers. Every year thousands of people get trafficked in and out of this country for the purpose of commercial gain and exploitation. There is no such profile for traffickers because they can come in any race, height, and age. There are many reason why it happens and why some victims cannot escape. It a national problem that does not get much attention in the media.
How Does This Happen?
Most people think that human trafficking only happens in third-world countries, while that statement is some-what true, it also happens here in the United States. People get flabbergasted that such crime could happen in their own town and they do not understand the actual crime. In other counties, girls and women get promised a better life and job if they agree to take the job and little do they know that they will get forced to exploitation. Their main goal is to escape poverty or send money back to their home country for their family. That is the same case here in the US. The immigrants that come the the United States illegally and would do anything to support their selves here in the states, even if it means to work long hours with very little pay. In addition to living in poverty, most of the
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