Essay about Human Trafficking in Poland

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Human Trafficking in Poland
Article Source: (Washington University Global Studies Law Review; 2013, Vol. 12 Issue 4, p783-805, 23p)
Author: (Dyk, Antonina Maria1)

This particular article takes a dive into the troubles of human trafficking taking place in the country of Poland. It describes the hardships that both Polish and other ethnic races experienced due to the cruelness of human trafficking. The article goes in depth about the flaws in the Polish justice system and lack of prosecution of human trafficking cases due to these flaws. It also explains the reason behind the flaws of the justice system. Many of the reasons stem from the lack of a Polish definition of human trafficking. Dyk gives a global perspective of the problems …show more content…

Therefore, without proper understanding of the crime itself, it would be nearly impossible to prosecute somebody for that crime. The first step is understanding the crime at hand, and then implicating these newly found understandings in to effect by ratifications to national law. Through the influence of global institutes like the United Nations, Poland has now adopted new amendments to their Penal Code in order to increase the effectiveness of prosecution of human trafficking cases. “After ten years of the Polish courts directly interpreting the Palermo Protocol’s definition of human trafficking, Poland finally, on September 8, 2010, codified the Supreme Court’s interpretations,” Dyke points out (pg 801). This quote shows the influence of the United States governments push to prosecute human trafficking on Poland’s Law. Without the influence of these institutes Poland may have never fully understood the importance of prosecuting and understanding the crime of human trafficking. Without the understanding of the crime the issue would have continued to run rampant through Poland. Poland has made great strides just in the last year in the number of cases actually investigated. “Moreover, the country has reoriented its focus on preventing human trafficking of immigrants on Polish soil,” Dyke mentions (pg 804). The change in the way that human trafficking is viewed in Poland, the victims are more comfortable coming out. The country of Poland

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