Humanistic Motivational Theory, Incentive Theory

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Task 2 2.1 Ans. Humanistic motivational theory , incentive theory . Relevance; Humanistic hypothesis is the most well-known hypothesis of inspiration. As indicated by these hypothesis human is driven to perform their best potential and will dependably do so unless troubles are set in their direction. These impediments incorporate nourishment and safe house, budgetary issues. Application These speculations can be utilized by the administration head honchos to check the execution of their staff. Thusly the administration comes mindful of his obligation to fulfill these needs. Expectancy theory Relevance Hope hypothesis is best depicted as methodology clarifies why people pick one behavioral choices over others on the grounds that they accept that their choice will lead them their cravings. The idea of value hypothesis is that individuals land their position fulfil by examine their inputs and yields with other individuals in the same workforce. Application These speculations can be utilized as attention case within will exceptionally supportive for individuals who are doing their employment scarcely. 2.2 Ans. 1. Positive reinforcement: Every manager should understand two main laws of positive reinforcement. The first is to give a reward it has to be maximum reinforcement value. And it must be given if it desirable compare to reinforcement. Second is how quick you give them reward it makes more value reinforcement. Also in organisation they give
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