Humanitarian Assistance For Humanitarian Relief

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In the humanitarian sector where organizations diligently work towards responding to disasters and rehabilitate those who suffer from them, these players often find themselves having to re-assess their code of ethics. Why? In order to avoid the very moral dilemmas that threaten any humanitarian organization’s stance as a neutral body solely working to do good. This paper agrees with the notion that altruistic efforts associated with humanitarian assistance can have negative consequences. However, in no way does it claim that such an argument makes the entire notion of humanitarian assistance void and inapplicable. Before delving into said discussion, some key terms will defined in order to clarify how they fit in to create relationships, …show more content…

The use of military as a form of intervention is only allowed for when the nation being intervened agrees and the decision to do so is supported by the UN. These are some of the conditions that need to be met first. However, more often than not, because this is a less than peaceful approach, an expected outcome is usually more problems than solutions (Waal & Omaar, 1994). In terms of assistance, what would entail as a negative consequence would be results that push the limitations of humanitarian principles. Of the core principles that necessitate how humanitarian assistance should be provided, this paper will focus on defining those of doing “no harm “and remaining neutral. These need to be implemented with a great deal of attention if organizations wish to not be held responsible for the damaging effect of their actions (Kahn & Lucchi, 2009). The “do no harm” principle suggests that humanitarian organizations work towards not only providing assistance but also ensure that little to no harm may come about to those they are attempting to help. There will be more discussion over how the use of humanitarian aid as a tool to prolong conflict can lead to long lasting and negative consequences on a much bigger level. What

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