Humanities 112: Meeting of the Minds

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Meeting of the Minds Susan B. Anthony: "Well Liz, can you believe we lived to see the 20th century?" Elizabeth Cady Stanton: "It's a wonderful thing, Suzie. I believe we will see some definite progress for women in this century, as well as in those to come." Anthony: "I think it's important for us to look back and denote the progress we've made in order to successfully continue the work for women's rights that will take place, either with or without us, in the years to come. Now that we're both in our eighth decade of living, why don't you remind me of some of the work we've done together and during the 19th century?" Stanton: "Well as you know Suzy, I was born in 1815 in New York City, and it wasn't long before I became affiliated with issues of women's rights. At the time of my initial involvement with this lifelong work of mine, slavery was still effected across the country and there was plenty of rhetoric for abolition and virtually no regard for women, who largely worked for low wages and weren't even considered as much of a social issue in terms of rights as slaves were." Anthony: "Right you are, Lizzie, and that reminds me of my introduction to the struggle for women's rights. I myself was born five years after you in 1820 in a town in Massachusetts, and as I recall my earliest stages of advocating for women's rights actually began as part of the temperance movement. At the time, that movement's goals were to reduce drunkenness, to abolish slavery, and to address
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