Humanization And Dehumanization Of Oppressors By Paulo Feire

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Indeed, it is extremely tough to fit in the gaps lied between the humanization and dehumanization, as well as the roles between the oppressed and oppressors. Paulo Freire had mentioned that in order to achieve the former, we must first acknowledge the latter, and this is where the problem arises: the oppressors tend to 'trespass' and 'across' the borderline of humanization and steal away the rights and privileges that should belong to the oppressed. This is no doubt 'an unjust order that engenders violence in the oppressors' according to Freire. Nevertheless, such relationship is not merely used to reflect the subtle relationship in colonization, as a student like where I am now, I could also sense such 'pressure' and see the 'loopholes' that

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