Humorous Wedding Speech: Body Language And Discussion

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Good morning fellow toast masters teacher and my dear friends today I am going to give my 5 th speech the main criteria for it is body language so here I go.First and foremost i would like to begin with a quote which goes on like “ Never wait for a perfect moment, pick up a moment and make it perfect”. Once there was a surgeon an architect and a politician who were arguing whose profession was the oldest. The surgeon stepped up and said, “Eve was made from Adam’s rib, and that surely was a surgical operation.” “Maybe,” said the architect, “but prior to that, order was created out of chaos, and that was an architectural job.” The politician was last to speak, “but who created the chaos! You might be asking yourself what has this story got to …show more content…

· S is for .........Sincerity - Say what you believe, and believe what you say. This is the basis for authenticity, on which trust and loyal relationships are founded. · P is for .........Personalize - Be humble, share funny or heartwarming stories about yourself. · I is for ........Interest - Find a common interest or belief. Passion will automatically exude from you - again, authenticity. · R is for ......Relevant - If content is king, then context is God. Context will help your acquaintance rationalize their feeling of trusting you. · and lastly E is for ..........Engage - When speaking with someone, always look the person in the eye, this sounds minor, but it will reinforce your sincerity, interest and 100% commitment to building …show more content…

Now chandragupta was too curious to know how to complete the lessons so early and so he made a stairs from the bamboo and rope which was outside to somehow get in the kaksh and finally after a long hardship he got in asked chanakya that he himself told that he would teach him the way and locked the door. So chanakya told him that my son you have yourself given your answer if you are inspire to do a work like you were to find the way you can always do so. So it totally depends upon you and your hardship and chandragupta touched the feet of chanakya and he gave him his blessings. So stop waiting for things to happen go out and make it happen. I.N.S.P.I.R.E. I invite you to use these 7 important factors in your life to 1. Be inspired to help others 2. Create things that inspire others 3. To be inspired to help the community. Over to the

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