Hunger Short Story

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Throughout the novella Hunger by Lan Samantha Chang the reader is provided with different stories of Chinese immigrant parents and their children and how it is that they all struggle to communicate due to the different languages that are spoken by each member of the family, whether it be music or an actual language. Although the hardship to communicate between parent and child is an important problem to discuss there is a voice that is often left out, the voice of the internal and external struggle that immigrant parents face. An immigrant parent will be faced with more difficulty to assimilate to their new environment or in the case of Min they will reject the ideas of assimilation, they create their own world in which their culture and self’s remains intact. This leads me to wonder why else someone would not wish to assimilate and what obstacles come with rejecting their new environment.
Although it is not explicitly stated throughout the novella Min is reluctant to learn English due to the fear of losing her culture and herself in the processes. Min’s fear of losing herself further emphasizes the internal struggles that immigrant parents face. Struggles that go unnoticed due to the focus usually being the offspring and the struggles that they face as a product of immigrant parents. Focusing more on why an immigrant parent would chose to not learn a language to protect their identity and their culture, I have asked my parents about their own experiences and feelings

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