Hunt For Turkeys Essay

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How many people eat and hunt for turkeys each year? There's way too many I have to hide and run to live but they always use decoys to attract us. One time it was me and my best friend a hunter had shot him to death and I was hit with one BB. I got to live another day but for how long. Can you believe that we used to be an national symbol. Even Benjamin Franklin was for us to be a symbol. I even seen my own mom get shot at good thing he is just a little boy because she got grazed that's it. But uncle Charley wasn't so lucky we had ventured to someone's yard and they kind of shot him then cooked him. I mean sure we taste good i mean look at this roundness who wouldn't want me. Later I found out that they always don't look for the big ones only the ones with a good beard. I just want to say how fat are you guys to eat 45,000,000 turkeys a year maybe we should hunt you for food but you don't look that good. We eat all this healthy food just so we can be full sized it a couple of months but some of us don't grow and they just kill us. Only…show more content…
If we are younger than 16 months were called a fryer but if a young roaster five to seven months. But I'm sure you don't care as long as we grow you'll gonna eat. But we are so lucky because we can see in color and have excellent hearing. We also can see about 270 degrees good thing because you can't really sneak up on us. We have a terrible sense of smell but a great taste. So if you stink we can't smell so i guess that's what makes so stupid for what we eat. even though we are stupid Benjamin Franklin believed we better then the eagle because it was a coward. If i was a domestic turkey i couldn't fly but sense I'm not i can to fly. We can fly up to 55 miles per hour and run up to 25 mils per hour. We have really sharp and crazy tall ens on our feet but were too stupid to use them against you only each other. So i guess I'm trying to say is back off
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