Hunting Down The Truth

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Hunting Down the Truth Is there a method to the “madness” of hunting? Are all hunters as evil and morally corrupt as most animal rights activists will have you speculate? While most Americans hunt for food down the aisles of a grocery store, the issue of hunting has begun integrating a focus upon the plight of the hunted. With anti hunting rhetoric dominating the social landscape, for the average person, finding a morsel of impartial truth about hunting amongst a field of political agendas may seem daunting. Although many animal welfare rights activists doubt the practicality and purpose of wildlife hunting in general, skeptics should consider the importance and necessity of traditional hunting, the repercussions of a non-hunting society, as well as the cruelty a hunting ban would pose for both man and beast. Hunting is frowned upon by animal activists and some environmentalists. Hunting promises injuries, pain and suffering to animals and their family members. Activists believe that hunted animals do not have a fair chance to survive and populations will eventually become extinct. With wildlife agencies seemingly promoting hunting, activists view traditional hunting as an unnecessary practice; only practiced out of …show more content…

Ken McQueen, a writer for Maclean's magazine, goes over current animal incident numbers and points out that “there are millions upon millions of creatures, birds and small animals that we run over and we don't think about it except as a kind of ghoulish joke, road kill. … The thing about deer car crashes and worse, moose car crashes is that virtually all those deer die, and upwards of 250 people die and 30,000 get hospitalized [a year]” ( MacQueen 1). Dear reader, if these numbers describe an America with a hunting population, I would hate to see the numbers of a non-hunting

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