Should Hunting Be Imprisoned?

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When a person who doesn 't hunt thinks of hunting, they picture a big man with a unruly beard, a flannel shirt, and a rifle, stalking through the woods to shoot whatever he can. They picture him joyously shooting away at anything that moves. Hunting is quite often cited as dangerous because people get shot, too. These types of hunting accidents actually aren 't that common, but they 're still appalling to the public. The victim is seen as a man who got hurt by an evil person. And that evil person should be jailed for life. But what is consistently forgotten is that these are hunting accidents. A hunter does everything possible to avoid shooting another person. It 's important to remember that accidents happen and it 's not just the person shot who gets hurt. Even though these accidental shootings are classified as mistakes, they can create extreme psychological damage for the shooter, not just for the one shot. To many, the idea of hunting is appalling. Finding enjoyment in shooting a gun and killing an innocent animal is barbaric. But for hunters, it 's a way of life. Hunting can be a way to put food on the table, or a simple respite from daily responsibilities (Dizzard 99). The appeal of hunting is one that is difficult to put into words. But there 's multiple components that make hunting attractive that many hunters can agree on, including the hunt itself. In Dizzard 's interviews, one hunter described feeling the ache in your back when you lay down at the end of the
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