Hunting In Iowa Research Paper

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Hunting In Iowa

What do you think of when you think of hunting. Hunting Is a sport but hunting has many different rules and different forms. What I meen by that is that laws change every state and county. Some states have deer hunting, some have dove and others don’t. The laws can change from state to state as well. I will talk these subjects in this paper.

One of the most recent changes to hunting in iowa is the legalisation of dove hunting in iowa. This was one of the fastest bills to pass in iowa. From how I understand it their was a very wealthy woman that payed people to vote against dove legalization because she liked the birds. When she passed away 48 hours later dove hunting was legalised. All of the states around us like the taste better than they looked. The rumor is that we had dove hunting before she was in the ground. I think that sums up how delicate the …show more content…

Because of this they have an earlier season. They can be pursued from sep 3-11. Regular season is from sep24 - oct2. Personally Doves are my favorite to hunt. Their season is about the same time that teal is. (It started september first.)

Where to hunt- Dove is one of the most complex waterfowl in my opinion. The have an unpredictable pattern where ducks do the same thing in repetition. Doves like short grass close to tall sunflowers and dead trees. Now with this being said they are not always their. On of the best ways to get doves is to walk down a gravel road. Ducks are more predictable they are fans of shallow about 3ft of water. They prefer this in a marsh like sanario. The marsh provides them with food so they will take it over most lakes.

All of the scenarios and topics like the laws can change from state to state but its is mostly the same. Some of the laws change for the better or the worse. From what I have seen every state is jealous of the state next to it for something they

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