Hunting Pros and Cons Essay

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Dannielle Fory
BIO-220 Environmental Science
May 4, 2013
Steven Lenk
Hunting has been a way of life for thousands of years. As long as humans have been on earth, they have been hunting to provide food for their families. For many decades now, hunting has started to cause conflict among people. One of the main issues that have cause conflict has been overharvesting. Overharvesting can also cause issues with habitat and may put a strain on the relationship between the predator and the prey. While there may be issues, there are also benefits of hunting. Hunting controls the population of certain species. Hunting is one of the long time traditional ways of controlling the population of animas such as the white tailed deer.
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"The increased avoidance of roads by deer may concurrently diminish the frequency of panthers occurrence near roads, reducing both the probability of panther-vehicle collisions, a principal cause of death for the Florida Panther." (Kilgo, Labisky & Fritzen) In many families, hunting is a tradition carried on from generation to generation and is a respected sport. However, there are those who do not respect the sport or the animals and have no issues harvesting the animals by any means necessary. Poachers are people that hunt during a non-hunting season or use tools to lure animals such as deer and bear to areas easier for them to get a shot. Essentially, poaching amounts to the theft of public's wildlife. (Wilkes-Barre, 2008) Poaching occurs all over the world and is not limited to a certain species. In Africa, elephants are the target of poachers for their tusks. In the 1970's and the 1980's the population of the elephants in Africa reduced due to poaching from 1.3 million to 600,00 0 in less than a decade. This illegal hunting selectively removed older animals with larger tusks and the results of this are being seen. Poaching not only affects the elephant population but the behavior of the elephants as well. (Archie & Chiyo, 2012) In all reality hunters have absolutely no reason or right to bend the rules, much less steal. Over population of any animal can cause issues. Many states around the world use different methods to insure
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