Hyperbole Research Paper

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Hyperbole has set millions against immigration and the acceptance of peoples from diverse backgrounds. Tales of murder, rape, and malicious intentions have flooded the media and slanted once intelligent conversations. Indeed, immigration stances have swung the directions of nations in the past year. Brexit—though incredibly intricate—was likely exasperated by xenophobia and hardline immigration preferences. Distaste for illegals and desire for a return to solid borders rocketed now-President Donald Trump into the White House. European elections have also been heavily influence by the anti-immigration wave (Marine le Pen, for instance, campaigned on grounds similar to those of Trump in France, and did so successfully). In general, however,…show more content…
Borders" divide illegal goods into two legal frameworks: categorically prohibited goods (i.e. certain weapons, illegal drugs, and counterfeits) and those that become illegitimate because of tax evasion and regulation. Tax evasion is one of the few issues that is not entirely overblown. Smugglers traffic between $20 billion and $25 billion in bank notes from the U.S. into Mexico each year. U.S. Customs and Border Protection seizes over $300,000 a day in undeclared or dirty money every day, costing the United States hundreds of millions in lost taxes per year. In addition, the flow of counterfeit goods does pose a threat to state sovereignty as well, since it undercuts property rights and steals profits from rightful owners. Yearly seizures of these knock-offs—80% of which come from mainland China and Hong Kong—are estimated at nearly $180 million. That's money sucked right out of the U.S. economy. If ever there were an argument for cracking down on illicit border activity, these two points give the best justification. The effects are most tangible and quantifiable. And tried methods exist that can help effectively combat these issues. Tim Phillips offers the example of Disney, which dealt with an issue of Chinese counterfeiting by working with knock-off factories and the Chinese government to at least increase the quality of the production, so as to maintain Disney…show more content…
Peter Andreas notes how after the passing of the Chinese Exclusion Act, for instance, Chinese migrant workers went through Mexico and China to enter the United States. Locking down the West Coast and preventing legal passage just diverted flows elsewhere. Thus, the phenomenon traces at least as far back as 1882 for United States. Tight border controls are similar to erecting a dam in the middle of a powerful stream that doesn’t quite reach end-to-end: water will simply channel through the gaps, with added pressure. As nations attempt to filter out everyone that does not conform to their cultural standards, or perhaps poses a potential threat, they highlight their own neuroticism. The security community could benefit from a healthier dose of honest empiricism, and lawmakers should trade in the stick for the carrot and regulate illicit
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