Hypocrisy On Criminal Justice

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The best way to describe the feeling I left the Tribunal with is that of disappointment. Disappointment that despite all the well-meaning rhetoric, guidance and procedural practice documents in existence on the subject of creating a fair and just environment, all I had witnessed had been depressingly one-sided and mechanical. Moments of genuine human interaction and care had existed, but were lost in a sea of legal jargon, aggressive questioning and “tick-box exercise” courtroom procedure. There was no heart to this hearing, no consideration of Mr. R as an equal human being. He was the subject of the day’s discussion, not it’s beneficiary. It angered me to some extent that Mr. R was afforded to opportunity to simply speak freely. To give a few words of context, or council to the stranger who would be deciding …show more content…

Who are we- as a nation, or a government or indeed individuals that gives us the right to hold self-appointed dominion and judgment over the lives of those who come to our shores with hope of aid? Categorizing them into those of deserving circumstance and those who can go home to try to survive just a little longer? Perhaps at the heart of my anger lies the hypocrisy of this supposed charity. We seek to maintain the global reputation as a beacon of human rights. Content to play the role of a shining example of humanitarian effort. But in reality we do almost everything imaginable, beyond outright rejection at first instance, to discourage asylum seekers from seeking shelter in this nation. I am left with the final impression that should I have been less lucky, and found myself seeking asylum in the UK from some less fortune country, I am unsure if I could endure the deeply dehumanizing, degrading and accusatory process of seeking help from my fellow human beings in the UK. To call us a nation that welcomes refugees through its use of procedure would be akin to describing a jail as welcoming it’s

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