Hypocritical Religion

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Everyone has their own feelings when it comes to religion. Some people are big on worshiping God, while others could care less about believing in a God or not. Flannery ‘o Connor, who was a zealous Roman Catholic, wrote stories with the underlining mean that Catholics work harder for their beliefs than any other religions. She uses her writing to vent about Christians singly using God when their life gets difficult, instead of living by the Christian faith. A story she wrote called “A Good Man is Hard to Fine” gives the perfect example of her expressing her anger with people who claim to be religious along with people only using God as a crutch rather than live for him. The story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” is about a nagging…show more content…
This is basically saying that she was only using God when she needed him, which by a Catholic’s point of view would be disrespectful towards God. The grandma also displays many selfish acts during the story, when the Misfit and his accomplices are about to kill her family, she never ask them to spare the children. She constantly begs him not to shoot ‘a lady’. All of these are examples of how she is non – Christ like. Besides being a Catholic in a Christian society, and having to deal with people not taking religion seriously, she was also suffering from a disease called lupus. She was diagnosed in 1950 and passed away in 1967. Her father lost his life due to the same disease as well, so one could say she may have even had spite with God. The attitude of the author is reflected in the personality of the misfit. He talks about how he’s unsure if Jesus raised anyone from the dead. The Misfit then goes on to say that he was sure Jesus never made mistakes, but he was unsure what he did wrong. He claims that he has served in the army, been a gospel singer, and that he was even married. He then says “I was never a bad boy that I could remember…” (‘o Connor 354), It’s almost like she’s questioning her own faith through The Misfit’s character. Her father died when she was just a teenager, which could have confused her. Also the Misfit is unsure of what he did wrong; this
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