Hypocrisy and Christianity Essay

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Hypocrisy and Christianity

If one were to ask the American public about their views of Christians, what response would one receive? We can imagine that there would be a great variety of answers. However, most people might say that, in general, Christians are not very different from everybody else. This is a problem. There are many people who claim to be Christians whose lifestyles do not reflect their beliefs. The problem with this situation is that it gives non-Christians the wrong impression of Christianity. Christians need to live their lives in a way that reflects what they claim to believe.

Christianity is a lifestyle not just a set of beliefs. A Christian is not merely someone who attends church once in a while and believes …show more content…

People are ready to sue the minute someone does something to them that they feel was uncalled for. We can see through this that people still have a desire for truth and justice. They want to hear and see good things. People think of Christians as good people. They expect someone who claims to be a Christian to be a kind, moral, overall good person. It is extremely disheartening if those who claim to have the guide to moral living are just as dishonest and coldhearted as anyone else. It discredits Christianity’s claim of having a better way. For example, let’s say that it is discovered that a person who has always attended church and openly claimed Christianity has been embezzling funds from their company. Many people would be even more angry that he was hiding behind the front of being a good, honest Christian than if someone who had not laid claim to those values was discovered in the same crime. If people cannot trust Christians who claim to be moral, whom can they trust? Is there anything that deems a person or group of people trustworthy? Hypocrisy among Christians can cause these kinds of ideas to grow.

Christians are commanded in the Bible to take the gospel into all the world. God desires that all people know Him. However, since He is in heaven and not on the earth now, it is up to His people to show others the way to Him. Much of that testimony for Christ is through the way Christians lives are lived. It is well known that

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