I-35 Bridge Research Paper

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The I-35 bridge was fully constructed and opened on November 1967 in West Mississippi. According to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) the dimension of the bridge is: length is 1907 ft and the maximum length span is 458 ft.The width 8 traffic lanes and 108 ft and the height is 64 ft above water. This steel arch deck truss collapse in August 1st, 2007. Due to some structural failures. This failure will be analyzed in the lines below.
When and Where
On the first evening of August about 6:05 pm on the eight-lane bridge of I-35W highway the bridge collapse. The I-35W bridge is located over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, state of Minnesota.

What Happened
In the early afternoon, construction equipment and construction aggregates …show more content…

Just as with any system that has to be maintained, inspection is a big part. Before you can fix anything that broken in a system, you have to find the failure first. Same goes for bridges. In order for bridges to maintained and kept safe, routine bridge inspections have to be performed, and any problems that make the bridge unsafe have to be fixed.
Bridge maintenance activities generally involve coatings and coating removals, repairing cracked or spalled concrete, damaged steel beams, damaged expansion joints, and bent or damaged railings.
There are different ways of maintaining bridges. It can be done in the form of repair maintenance that occur after some failure occurs on the bridge such as a damaged beam or a cracked deck. It can also be done in the form of preventive maintenance.
Preventative bridge maintenance ensures that minor bridge repairs can be performed on the bridge structures before the specific structure fails. Preventive maintenance also ensures that large scale costly repairs are avoided and the structure is safe for use. It also has less impact on the

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