I Am A Family Friend

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As I indicated in my first letter, I was a practicing Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California for over 25 years. My specialty was working with children with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities. I worked with these children and their families in a variety of settings such as: foster care, residential, day treatment and in outreach programs. In addition, I would assess the character of families who were looking to become foster parents. I do believe my background has given me an appreciation for a good family environment which will offer stability and encourage strong values.
I met Tiffany over 10 years ago when I met her parents. I’ve attended many family events over the years where Tiffany and her sisters have been present. I would consider myself a close family friend. Even though, I try not to judge, I have always been impressed with Tiffany’s maturity and strong family values. Tiffany and I would sit for hours and talk about almost everything. Tiffany is very loving and nurturing, always willing to help others. She never thinks twice about going out of her way to help someone else. She doesn’t get upset when people offer different opinions, rather she listens openly assessing the information first before she makes her own decision. Her personality is very easy going, calm and authentic. She knows what she wants and is determined to follow through to insure a positive outcome.
I met Dustin soon after Tiffany starting dating him. I

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