Why I Want To Be A Biofeedback Therapist

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Immediately after the encounter with the man at the hospital, I started researching counseling and therapy professions. I had most of the prerequisites to apply to the programs, minus an abnormal psychology class. The following semester, I enrolled in Abnormal Psychology and found it to be one of the most interesting classes I had ever taken. One day I was walking on campus and ran into a past classmate from high school. As we exchanged conversation and talked about our future plans, she informed me that her older brother was soon quitting his job at a private mental health practice. Not long after that interaction, I was hired as the Psychologist Assistant at the mental health office. During my time there, I became certified in biofeedback therapy, which was a great way to combine my medical background with mental healthcare.
At that same time in my life, a close friend worked for a non-profit foster care agency. She told me they were hiring for a position mentoring foster children. I ended up getting hired and served as a behavior skills coach for children ranging from ages five to fourteen. While working at the mental health private practice and the non-profit foster care agency, I was able to gain an extensive amount of experience. I worked directly with case managers, psychologists, counselors, and others who allowed me to observe each of their jobs. After more than two years of working in the human services field, I knew I wanted to work with people and to help them

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