Who Is Moriah Ebron?

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In life, people can gain friends quickly, but what no one talks about is that they can lose them just as fast. I learned how quickly a friendship can begin and end about two years ago. In August of 2013 a girl named Moriah Ebron was deemed my best friend. She lived in Delaware while I was all the way in West Virginia. That was a small challenge, but we made it work. We were able to visit each other and have an amazing friendship, but suddenly, something went terribly wrong. Never had I realized how fast friendships can end until I became friends with Moriah Ebron. This is an epic story of friendships and trials as well as love and hate. This is all about how I gained and lost a best friend in the same amount of time, and how that shaped me as a person.
It was early spring of 2013, and I decided to message a girl who I had heard a lot of amazing things about. Her name was Moriah Ebron, but I learned that she went by Mo instead. She was incredibly kind, and we had a lot in common. As the year went on, we learned more about each other and we wanted to meet in person. It was odd to me, having a best friend who lived so far away, but while her parents were planning a camping trip to Virginia, she was planning a visit to West Virginia. During the middle of fall, Mo started the journey from Delaware to West Virginia. It was early morning and I was at the Kingdom Hall when my friend Shannon, whom Mo was staying with, walked up to me and asked me to go outside with her. Once outside,

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