I Am A High School Student

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At first glance, it is difficult to choose one role to talk about when each individual role I play seem to hold an equal weight of the emotions that I feel. I am a high school student, a college student, a worker, an athlete, an involved member of our community, and a son. In high school, I feel the choking pressure of applying to universities while simultaneously having to keep my academic record strong. As a college student, the necessity to maintain straight A’s to make me a competitive candidate for universities overwhelms me at times. At work, my mind ventures off into the world of ideas only to be disrupted by the realization that my immediate concern is helping my family’s economic situation. As an athlete, I feel the urge to be the best I can on the soccer field. When doing community service, my main concern is reaching out to people on the importance of curing our world of cancerous infested slums which add to the depletion of our environment. While all those roles may be critical in my life, I have reached the conclusion that being a son is the role that holds the most weight towards the emotions of happiness, sadness and stress that I feel all around.

I have enmeshed myself into the world of academics because as a son of a single mother, the intellectual journey I have taken will, I hope, one day allow me to demonstrate to my mother that her long years of working menial hours, in order to take my siblings and me forward in life has been worth it. My role

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