I Am A Leader Of A Group People

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I took a couple of the color personality quizzes and according to the first color personality quiz I was a Red. I agree with this, I am an great leader. I am a great leader I make sure everyone 's opinions and ideas are heard. I also make sure every person gets an opportunity to speak and have a say about what goes down on the paper or computer. When I am a leader of a group people sometimes say that I am a excellent leader. If teachers give me a task I can be highly effective. I will be highly effective if a teacher gives me a task I try to make sure that the task is done fast ,but make sure the task is right. I took another color personality quiz and the result from that, it says I am Brown. I agree that I am brown I love the outdoors …show more content…

I will be honest and fair by making sure everyone gets what they need. I will accomplish this goal by the end of the year because my heart is set on making this happen and I will achieve. Another one of my Everest core goals is I wish to get better at science and math. I will be better at science by learning about chemicals and asking for help when I need it. I will be better at math by asking for help with dividing and multiplying fractions, and learn new things new things. I will accomplish this goal by the end of the year. I am starting to already improving with dividing and multiplying fractions and I will be learning a little bit about chemicals this year. My last Everest goal was to change something about my learning style. I said I will change by studying every night for 20 minutes before a quiz , I can receive marvelous grades, and have a better education. I will study very hard and pay attention more in class so I can approach this goal. I will also achieve this goal before the end of the year, I will pay attention and take wonderful notes. I am wonderful at almost anything I put my heart to. For example, I have dedicated my time and my heart to soccer. I only dedicate time for soccer because it’s fun and I am great at playing soccer. I also dedicate my time to school. I dedicate my time to school since first I have to go, but this will help with going to a

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